Vendor Guide

Welcome to the club! We’re SO happy you are here!

Once you’ve signed our Vendor Agreement, here is what happens next.



Your very own Okazon human:

As a Vendor, you will have a designated person on our team as your point of contact. Please go to them with your questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas (the rest of us may look at you like a deer in the headlights).


Health, Safety and Insurance:

If you produce anything edible (food or beverage), for an infant (clothing, teething, etc), or considered a toy for children to play with, you will have needed to pass some health and safety requirements in the Province of BC before any of us are legally allowed to retail it. Requirements will vary depending on your product but we ask that you send us a copy plus proof of your commercial insurance policy. A hard copy with your initial batch of inventory is great or emailed to your Rep works well too.


Inventory quantity and new products:

  • Chat with your Okazon Rep before sending new products our way. We want to make sure that your items will be successful on Okazon Marketplace before we receive them.

  • Please make sure that any and all products you send to us can be restocked within a 4-week (or less) timeframe. We will let you know when an item is running low in our inventory. Your Vendor Agreement speaks to a commitment of a minimum of $200 in inventory per month.

  • Some items will be seasonal, that’s ok! If you have some very specific products such as Easter Baskets, we will happily take a limited quantity of these at the appropriate time (8 weeks prior to the specific date).


Getting inventory to us:

Our warehouse is in Westbank (West Kelowna). You may either deliver yourself, ship, or we highly recommend you use our courier service for $12 - $30 (depending on distance).

  • Warehouse destination: 1-2053 Elkridge Drive, Westbank. We check this hourly so be assured that if you place product in here it won’t sit for long.

  • Parrot Couriers: 250-870-1191 (tell them you’re an Okazon Vendor)

  • ATN Distribution: 250-801-3841 (tell them you’re an Okazon Vendor)


Price Tags:

Many of our items go out as gifts. For this reason, we ask that you do not attach the price tag directly to your items. Instead, a price sheet with your inventory shipment is super helpful for our warehouse crew.


Business Cards and Marketing Materials:

Yes, you may absolutely add a business card, recipe, or other marketing “paperwork” with your items! Please keep in mind that we have several products from several vendors going on over here. If you can attach it directly to your product, that would be helpful -or- provide us with one attachment that can go with any of your products.



We are picky about photography. One of the most powerful pieces of marketing is the imagery used. Photos need to be clear, vibrant, exciting, crop-able to a square without cutting off the product, and truly represent or tell the story of what’s being sold. Ideally product photos have a white background (but this is not mandatory). Please make sure you have at least one photo for each individual item - do not group your products together unless they are sold as a set.

  • If you already have professional-quality photos, send um our way.

  • If you’d like professional photos to be taken, we are happy to get our photographer on it. Please get your products to us and allow 2 weeks for photos to be taken and edited. You will be billed $25 per item and be given a full set of the photos for your own use as well.

  • RE: our Taboo (19+) page, all photos need to be tasteful and gentle. Think PG-13 not R rated… we don’t want anyone coming to Okazon just to read the catalogue 😉


Added Scents and Perfumes:

Please do not spritz your products with perfumes or add scented dryer sheets. Some of our shoppers are sensitive to synthetic scents and may be turned off or have an allergic reaction. Know that if we mix something like coffee and a scented candle in the same package, we will put one or both in a zip lock bag so that they do not take on each other’s scent.


Taxes on Food and Children’s items:

Food and kids’ items are not subject to retail PST. All other items will be taxed according to provincial guidelines


Monthly Reporting:

Head office will send out a monthly report to you via email on the 5th of each month. Please save or print these for your own bookkeeping! This will include a sales report with the break-out of your earnings. If you would like a payout of your account at anytime, just let your Rep know and an etransfer will be issued to you within 72 hours. If we do not receive a payout request, we will simply keep building the value of your account.



  1. Digitally signed Vendor Agreement.

  2. Copies of any required Health and Safety certifications or permits.

  3. Proof of commercial insurance.

  4. Your logo.

  5. A professional-quality photo of each product.

  6. A name for each product (it’s title in the Okazon shop). If your products don’t have names, all good! We will make something up.

  7. A retail price for each product.

  8. A brief description of each product. For food and body care please include an ingredient list.