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What We Do For You

You work hard being the master of your craft! That’s why we love you! But then what… you need to market and create awareness, generate sales, account for revenues and taxes, handle customer inquires, package and ship your items. There are a lot of pieces to a business’s puzzle and they all cost time and money. What if we could do a lot of that for you? Would that mean that you could focus on the part you love most? Would it mean that you could produce more product? Would it mean that your sales would increase?

When you become an Okazon Marketplace Vendor, here is what you get:



  • Our name, Okazon, is strategic. We wanted shoppers to have a general understanding of what we are without much explanation.

  • Shopping is easy! Here’s the thing, shoppers truly want to spend their money locally but navigating all the independent websites and social media accounts is a big job. I’m sorry to say… but many of them just wont do it. On Okazon, the public can shop tons of local products, build one cart and go through one check out. The easier it is for them to spend their money, the better your sales will be.

  • Exposure! Think of the difference between having a lemonade stand at the end of your driveway versus getting your lemonade into a major grocery store! People will come for other things and discover you!

  • We offer curated boxes and shop credits as gift ideas! For your business, this means we will add to your sales by putting your product in gift boxes. It also means that shoppers who receive gift cards (shop credits) may treat themselves to your product when they normally may not.



  • SEO (search engine optimization): We are always working to develop our SEO so that, as the public hops on Google to find anything Okanagan, we land near or on the first page.

  • Social Media: We are active seven days a week on both Instagram and Facebook promoting Okazon as a hyper-local online shopping experience loaded with amazing inventory.

  • Instagram: we utilize posts, stories, highlights, reels, videos, tags and guides to constantly build our following.

    • Each of your products will receive it's own post on our Okazon instagram account.

    • We geo-tag every post to increase exposure plus use a variety of hashtags.

    • We tag your account at the top of every product post as a Branded Business Partner so that readers can click over and follow your account as well.

    • Each of your product posts will hit Okazon Instagram stories and then live indefinitely in your highlight.

    • Each vendor receives their own highlight at the top our Okazon Instagram account where your products’ stories live for the length of your partnership with us.

    • We make IG reels at random..

    • If this hurts your brain, don’t worry… one of our humans will be happy to chat with you about it!

  • Facebook:

    • On occasion, we host the occasional Facebook live to promote shopping local, showcase our products and interact, with shoppers.

    • We do Okazon product posts regularly with a click-able link back to the website.

    • We boost and post sponsored ads on occasion to increase our following and traffic to the website.

    • We utilize marketplace and buy-and-sell groups to drive traffic back to our Facebook page and the website.

  • Network Promotion: There is strength in numbers! Think of Okazon as joining a club where all the members help to raise awareness and drive traffic to the same website. Other Vendors will be posting and sharing Okazon content on their social media which brings additional shoppers to the the Okazon site and benefits everyone.

  • Influencer Promotion: At no additional cost to you, we send out promotional Okazon boxes to people of influence in the community who promote our shopping platform to their followers.

  • More creative ideas: We are constantly thinking of new and creative ways to get our brand out there! We were recently on castanet and 1150 AM radio. We contribute to silent auctions. We are participating in The Great Kelowna Trade-a-thon.



We list your products for sale on This is a fully automated online store where shoppers can add any product to their cart and pay upon check-out. We collect and account for sales taxes. All you need to do is collect your consignment money.



We box orders and handle all the shipping materials. We then work with a local courier service to get orders out quickly and with care.



You will receive a monthly report of sales and account payout. This will make things really easy when you go to do your taxes.