Rhodonite Beaded Bracelet


Vendor: Love & Light Earthware, Vernon

This bracelet was made with the intention that the wearer would be surrounded with warm, cozy healing energy, and the sweet little tree of life charm will keep the beholder mindful of staying grounded and present in the moment.

Bracelet is made with 6mm rhodonite beads, one tree of life sterling silver charm and elastic cord.

Rhodonite - For those struggling to release the walls around their heart space, rhodonite is a wonderful stone to keep. This beautiful stone helps remove blockages from the heart chakra and clear the pain from the heart. Rhodonite also provides self-love support and deeply improves self-confidence.

*All precious gems are sourced from the earth, which makes them all one of a kind. Please note that all pieces will have minor variations and may not look exactly as pictured. Due to the difference in screen appearance, gems may also look slightly different in person.