Snake, Rattle and Roll Rimmer


Vendor: Jerry's Faves, Kelowna

Snake, Rattle and Roll is a cocktail rimmers that's both sweet and salty. Pairs perfectly with a lime margarita, blended or on the rocks.

We also think this would go great with pretty much any margarita flavour! Maybe even a mojito!

A Note from Jerry's Faves: Jerry's Faves is a way to share our favorite family recipes that are delicious, without anything extra. We started experimenting with creating whole food using whole ingredients after some health issues crept up. After an elimination diet, we discovered sensitivities to various fillers and preservatives used in many pre-packaged products. 

Jerry's Faves is our way to share our family recipes that get back to basics. We have spent years working on recipes that are from scratch and full of flavor, just like the old days.